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Alright loyal followers... I have decided that from this point on, aside from the occasional post, I am making my journal FRIENDS ONLY!

Anyways, if you want to be added, please comment here, and I'll think about adding you...

PLEASE send me a message if you add me to your friends list so that I know who you are and that I have been added! Also, do NOT assume that I will automatically add you back, especially if we have little in common.


*ETA: As of now (November '05), my friends list is already way too big. Because of that, I won't be adding anyone new at this point unless I'm friends with you in real life or there are extenuating circumstances (to be judged by me of course). So comment with this in mind.

Also: Please DO NOT contact me in this journal for anything to do with the communities I mod! Doing so will result in you being on my bad side at minimum, and possibly getting you banned from my lj. Please EMAIL if you have any questions/concerns regarding any of these communities.
Hi all,

After much anticipation and months of waiting, the first Lowdown records release is finally available by mail order! This is the first release 7" by Bergenfield Four, featuring members of Alexisonfire, Fucked Up, Keep It Up and Attack in Black. This record sounds like "Poison Idea meets Violent Femmes" (but not acoustic or weird).

First 200 orders get a limited edition sleeve.

Pricing/ordering information:

7"s cost $4 + shipping and handling

Shipping & handling:

Canada - $2.50 (this is with NO tracking or insurance - if you want tracking it costs a lot more [because Canada Post is weird] but we can do it)
U.S. - $4.50 (by air, no insurance); $7.00 (by air, including insurance)
International - $8.40 (by air, including insurance)

We prefer paypal, but will also accept cash or check - email us for the address.

Paypal address is goodlookinoutx@hotmail.com and you can also email there with any questions.

Canadians can send funds in Canadian dollars but everywhere else send U.S. funds.

That's all, get on with the ordering!

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